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February 11, 2006
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MegadetH Design Contest: SBTS by Seikin MegadetH Design Contest: SBTS by Seikin
This is my Entry for MegadetH Design Contest.
I didnt make it much different from the current design. What I did add was I turned a bone and the spine into a cross and placed a crucifix upon it... It is a part from the song that appears to have been overlooked and so was my main focus.

"Prepare the patients scalp
To peel away
Metal caps his ears
He’ll hear not what we say
Solid steel visor
Riveted cross his eyes
Iron staples close his jaws
So no one hears his cries
The skull beneath the skin
Now your drawn and quartered
Your bones will make the x
Symbol stands for poison
And it’s chained to your head
And as we fold your arms
To make the holy cross

If your christian, and would be offended by seeing Christ stapled upon Vic's Spine, then you should probably leave this deviation, but under the prior circumstance, you probably should not be clicking on MegadetH things anyway...

Wish me luck in the contest.
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ElectricCircuslover Mar 10, 2009
Didn't this win the compitition and ended up being the 'updated' album 'Killing is my Business and...Business is Good'?
Nah ^_^;

It was a first attempt on the contest when it was going... and It's really WAY too similar to the original... I used the original as a base, and focused mostly on interating a new element seemingly missed by the original art... but unless you know what to look for it's hard to see a difference...

I can't really take credit for most of the image... just the spine/cross/crucifixion
ElectricCircuslover Mar 14, 2009
Yeah, still nice, though. I'm not that great at drawing. I used to be very good at sketching, but that was several years ago. I'm trying to get back in the groove. It's not going well.
Just keep trying =o I kind of know how you feel, I used to feel like I could draw well but lately I've not been able to get anything done
ElectricCircuslover Mar 19, 2009
Well, as a friend told me practice takes makes perfect, I'm practicing using a cartoon character I love really much.
That's awesome! Just keep it up and you're bound to be great some day ^_^
ElectricCircuslover Apr 4, 2009
Thanks very much.
Looking back on this im actually a bit ashamed of myself, the next one will be much better...sorry talking to myself
I like it...don't see why anyone should see need to be offended... :shrug:
yeah i dont either (and compared to the other entries or at least 3 or 4 of them, mine is nothing. I'm gonna try and do another one utilzing the spine bone crucifix and be more orginal with the whole thing hehe)
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